Move Me Managers implements a simple “Start to Finish” moving process to help ease the burden of relocating.

To start, we sort, separate and pack up your home — without you lifting a finger. Then to finish, we’re onsite when your movers arrive to supervise, arrange and unpack your belongings — ensuring that your new residence is as cozy and inviting as the one you’re leaving.

We know moving is a daunting task that no one enjoys, let alone has the time or energy. Move Me Managers takes care of ALL the preliminary moving tasks, asking you to only make the really important decisions.

Our Start Services include:

  • Stage your home for maximum market appeal.
  • Sort and Organize current household items (Also a great service even if you’re not moving!).
  • Separate items for charity, to sell and to move.
  • Supply quality packing materials.
  • Pack items carefully, quickly and efficiently for move and/or storage.
  • Arrange for charity pick up and moving sale.
  • Design floor plan for your new residence.
  • Recommend and Schedule movers, because we do EVERYTHING except the actual moving.

After you move in, Move Me Managers are right there with you, making sure every detail is attended to — from furniture placement and unpacking your kitchen, all the way to putting your toothbrush in the bathroom holder!

Our Finish Services include:

  • Supervise New Residences for deliveries and contractors.
  • Arrange for housecleaning
  • Supervise and direct movers
  • Unpack and organize at your final destination — including furniture placement, all the way down to the smallest detail.

Now that you know what we do, it’s your move! Contact us today!